The German Muaythai Federation has truly made an outstanding job over the years building the sport from the grassroots and raising many youth with huge potential in Muaythai. Introducing muaythai in schools was a true game changes for muaythai in many regions Germany and is now making the curriculum for physical exercises for the German youth. 

These initiatives born fruits in so many talented youth practicing and exceling in muaytha wich resulted in medals coming back to Germany from multiple international tournaments. This gives The Muaythai Bund Deutschland confidence in the future of the sport to see the youth making the lists of the strongest muaythai athletes.

With so many youth hungry for events the Virtual Muaythai Championships became a great opportunity for muaythai practitioners all around Germany to be part of the international event regardless the skills, number of fights, or experience, and the German Muaythai Federation became the first team confirming the team for the event. 

German youth became a strong player in the European muaythai and new competition formant will give them a new way to stay fit and be part of something larger than themselves. 


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